[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#599773: [xul-ext-webdeveloper] "Validate local HTML" sends wrong page in some cases (after POST)

Filipus Klutiero chealer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 21:44:55 UTC 2013

Version: 1.2.5+repack-1

Hi David,

On 2013-09-20 22:56, David Prévot wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the long delay in getting back to this issue.
> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 09:08:12PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
>> Package: xul-ext-webdeveloper
>> Version: 1.1.8-4
>> The Validate Local HTML tool does not always send the right page for
>> validation. In some cases, the page sent is the previous one
> Does the problem still exists with the current version?

I'm afraid it does. I haven't used Web Developer in a long time and don't remember being affected by the bug after reporting it. But even though I lost access to the specific place where I hit the bug, I managed to reproduce at the first attempt with Web Developer 1.2.5 and Iceweasel 17.0.8. There are other places where I couldn't though - login on wiki.debian.org and on phpMyAdmin. Then, I managed to reproduce on public websites:

These sites both run different versions of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. If I provide invalid credentials on any, I can reproduce the bug. But I can't with good credentials (such as test/test on the first website). It doesn't have to do with the status code (a failed login attempt returns 200 OK).
When I provide good credentials, I'm redirected to the homepage, so that may explain why the bug doesn't happen. There is also a redirection for phpMyAdmin when credentials are wrong. However, wiki.debian.org doesn't redirect.
>> This or similar problems is reported on several places:
>> http://chrispederick.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=2122
>> http://chrispederick.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=2366
> These links are dead now, are these reports available anywhere else?

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't recover them. The forum still exists but apparently changed its discussion engine and doesn't use numeric ID-s anymore. The Wayback machine is useless, the forum's search feature appears partly broken, and I didn't manage to find them with Google. My browser history of the time has been forgotten a long time ago. I also didn't manage to find newer reports.

I forgot to explain one thing. When using Validate local HTML, you only see "errors" found. You do not see the source sent. This makes this bug harder to realize - hence more confusing - in particular if you were expecting an error which does not show. This also makes this harder to debug, however the validator has a Source Listing section which will display if one selects "Show Source". This apparently can't be used with Web Developer when you already submitted the page, but the option seems to be stored somewhere, perhaps a cookie, so you could check the option, re-validate and then get Source Listing (this might not work at the first attempt though - not sure).

Filipus Klutiero

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