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David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Mon Jul 31 22:56:22 UTC 2017


It’s been a long time, sorry, but I finally have some spare time to get
back at mow-ext packaging…

Le 21/04/2017 à 16:10, Sebastian Noack a écrit :

> First of all, you bypass our dependency system [1], getting the latest
> version of the dependencies by other means [2], in order to avoid network
> activity during build, I suppose.

Right, since the source must be self contained.

> While I understand this motivation, I'd
> like to point out that the latest version of a dependency is not always
> compatible.

I indeed learned that the hard way already. That’s why I always use the
version documented in the dependencies file (even if that’s not documented).

> But there might be a much simpler solution;
> we provide source archives with all dependencies in the right version
> included [4], specifically for package maintainers. ;)

That’s great!

> [4]: https://downloads.adblockplus.org/adblockplus-2.8.2-source.tgz

Unfortunately, one can’t access <https://downloads.adblockplus.org/>
directly. It would be nice to have a parseable link to this source, so
we can use our tools to track the latest version and allow us to
download it automatically (looking at Git, I can assert that the latest
version is 2.9.1, and then imagine the new [URL], but I guess we can
make it easier).

   URL: https://downloads.adblockplus.org/adblockplus-2.9.1-source.tgz

> It seems people weren't too happy, our first run page being the first thing
> they see when they start Firefox for the first time, back then when
> xul-ext-adblock-plus was a dependency of the Gnome meta package [5]. As a
> result, you moved all tabs opened by Adblock Plus into the background. Note
> that this not only effects the first run page, but also documentation pages
> opened through the user interface. Furthermore, while we see why it might
> be problematic to push the first run page into the foreground, if Adblock
> Plus is installed by default, this seems to no longer to be the case.

Even in xul-ext-adblock-plus is not installed by default on most systems
anymore, I’m not sure having the first run page (of every extensions one
can install) displayed by default on the foreground for every user of a
machine is really a sane default. Maybe discussing special cases in a
bug report could be worth it.

On the other hand, we probably want to fix the “documentation on
background” issue (maybe open a bug report for it so it won’t slip our

> Finally, you seem to disagree with our initiative for Acceptabe Ads [6],
> and decided to disable this feature by default. We, however, believe that a
> middle ground discouraging intrusive ads by blocking them, while still
> allowing websites to monetize, is fundamental for a free and sustainable
> web, and eventually better for everybody. I cannot, and don't want to,
> judge whether this is in line with Debian's philosophy. But we feel quite
> uncomfortable having you redistribute a product under our brand, that does
> not have this feature enabled by default.

If this is a brand issue for you, that might be an issue. I think a
public bug report describing this issue would be worthwhile.



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