[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Thunderbird 60.0~b2 uploaded to experimental/NEW

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Sun Apr 8 07:26:52 UTC 2018

Hi there,

Am 21.01.18 um 16:46 schrieb Carsten Schoenert:
> Please keep me CC on pkg-mozext-maintainers!

still true.

> Hi,
> in the past days I've worked on importing the recent beta version 58.0b3
> of Thunderbird into the packaging tree and adjust the packaging to get
> proper created and working packages based on this upstream version. I
> uploaded this version to experimental [1] right now and the buildd shout
> start to work soon on this upload....

After a lot of buildings and testing I uploaded yesterday Thunderbird
1:60.0~b2-1 to experimental.
It's waiting in NEW due new languages *-kk and *-ms for Thunderbird and

Some additional notes about the upload.
Starting with TB59 Mozilla has changed the internals of the extension
interface and old (legacy) extensions will mostly not working any more.
Extension must now comply to the WebExtension interface. This will break
probably most of the packaged extensions in Debian. I added a Breaks to
packages I know that will not work with this version of Thunderbird.
Please create bug reports for such known packages (or fix them :P).

A major problem for me now is the fact that the thunderbird-l10n
packages will not work as know before this uploaded version.
I added a NEWS entry to this known issue. I tried to investigate what's
the difference to the Firefox packages are but I haven't found easy
points to get this working again.

So far I could figured out this is related how Mozilla has changed the
old behavior of selecting the preferred UI language. I also asked Mike
and Sylvestre what could be done but got answer yet.

Before 59 two preferences, 'intl.locale.matchOS' and
'general.useragent.locale' was used to determine the locale for the UI.
Both settings are now migrated into 'intl.locale.requested' which need
to be set up within the user context. Right now I see no possible way to
provide the old behavior without patching the source.
I opened a issue [1] on the Mozilla Bugtracker about this problem but so
far no usable solution is found until now. This is a serious problem to
get a final version 60.0 into testing!
A user need to add manually the preference 'intl.locale.requested' to
the local profile to get the desired l10n language into the UI.

On top of this the l10n support for Lightning I didn't get working. I'd
appreciate any help on both problems!

Another problem I've discovered is a not detected enigmail plugin from
the system (thanks DKG for uploading a valid version!). But maybe I
don't have understand enough how the new webextension interface is
working. Eventually a simple new needed preference setting is missing to
include /u/s/xul-ext int the search patch for extensions?

Unfortunately the documentation for the usage of WebExtensions in
Thunderbird is practically not existing on the upstream Thunderbird
sites (or very poor) and the most knowledge I could get was by digging
through the Bugtracker on Mozilla, it's a bit of a mess ...

So to summarize:
* TB 60 will arise in experimental once the FTP Masters will let it go
  into the archive.
* The UI of Thunderbird will need the language package as usual but also
  some manual adjustments.
* The UI for Lightning can't be changed now, needs to be investigated.
* Most of the extension from the archive will not work and need a Breaks
  in the Thunderbird package.

For sure there are more things that will not work or need some rework.
I'll be at the MinidebConf in Hamburg and like to talk to other
maintainers to get a consensus on how to get further.

The trees for thunderbird  on Salsa is up to date [2] if you want have
have a look at the packaging and/or the source.

[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1437480


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