Multimedia Teams in Debian

Daniel James daniel at
Wed Apr 23 11:18:37 UTC 2008

Hi Fabian,

> If there' still documentation referring to these obsolete sites, please 
> point the doc authors to this fact (e.g. by filing bug reports).

I do that whenever I see it, but there's a lot of old information out there.

> For 
> 64studio, I have to admit I don't know the differences between their 
> distribution and plain Debian, but it should be possible to merge their 
> work into the official Debian archive

We already contribute our fixes wherever possible, because our lead 
developer Free Ekanayaka is a DD. 64 Studio is not a fork, it's built 
mostly from Debian sources.

>> is a popular site but doesn't have 
>> much information for new users. (Maybe we can help with that).
> I consider this kind of problematic since debian-multimedia isn't a 
> community project but some kind of a 'one man show' offering highly 
> unofficial (strictly speaking, some even undistributable) packages for 
> Debian.

Actually, I think it's a two-man show, Christian and Thibaut :-) Of 
course this site is unlikely to become official, but maybe we could ask 
for some links to the Debian wiki, e.g.

in the absence of having a better official homepage for Debian 
multimedia. There could also be some introductory information for new 
users there, if the site owners are willing to post it.

> I believe we could start merging the efforts of both the 
> pkg-multimedia-maintainers and the debian-multimedia groups into one 
> bigger project, although the current scopes of both projects are 
> slightly different.

I totally agree, there's a lot of overlap. Also, the project is switching to Debian as a base, so 
they should be involved too.



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