Bug#496133: marked as done (fixup version.sh to include a meaningful version in the ffmpeg binary)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Thu Aug 28 09:09:43 UTC 2008

Fabian Greffrath <greffrath at leat.rub.de> writes:

> Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
>> I'm not really decdided how to fix this properly. Ideally, we'd have
>> the version number in the package version instead of the date, I
>> think. In that case, we could calculate the svn revision from that. This
>> would mean changes to the get-orig-tar mechanism.
> During the get-orig-source mechanism we could add a file to the original
> tarball which contains the SVN revision as a string,
> e.g. svn-revision. We can then patch version.sh to look out for this
> file and parse its content, if it exists.

Yes, that would indeed be an option.

>> I think we should fix that with the new svn version bump, which I think
>> we can do in a few days or weeks. 
> Alright, we should start the work in experimental though. While we are
> at it, we can add an epoch to the Debian package to keep the ubuntu
> interdiff small and clean up some of the ancient replaces and conflicts
> fields. Maybe we should even switch from SVN to GIT as upstream did
> recently, although I don't have any experience with git yet.

upstream switched to git? I don't think so, there are still svn commits
happening, so svn still seems to be the authoritative source. Can you
elaborate here a bit?

>> I'm just waiting for the just merged in AAC decoder to settle a bit,
>> maybe for the AAC encoder to get it (in that case we would need to
>> adapt the strip.sh for that), in order to drop the libfaad
>> dependency. Then we can upload to unstable.
> I didn't know we were aiming at dropping libfaad? What's wrong with
> libfaad, apart from being GPLed?

Dropping unnecessary dependencies is always a good goal. The ffmpeg
internal aac implementation seems already to be better in various
ways. In any case, it seems to be much better maintained already (have
you seen the lengthy reviewing threads that integrated the aac decoder?)

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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