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Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Mon May 19 09:52:30 UTC 2008

Thank you Reinhard,

now that our most current effort on packaging ffmpeg is in unstable, 
I'd like to discuss the next steps towards improving the whole ffmpeg 
situation with you.

(1) I am going to do a bug triage. There are many very old bugs in the 
BTS, some are even filed against ffmpeg (i.e. without -free). I'd like 
to ping the bug submitters and ask them to reproduce the bugs with the 
recent ffmpeg packages and close or mark the bugs found as appropriate.

(1b) Many of the bug reports are about missing codecs, esp. missing 
internal encoders, in the Debian packages. I'd like to send an 
explanation text (the one from README.Debian) to the bugs and mark 
them with a usertag, e.g. ffmpeg-stripped-internal-encoder, to get 
them separated from "real" bugs.

(2) I am going to get in contact with the upstream authors and submit 
all of our patches to them. Each patch that they accept can be dropped 
from the Debian package and leads to a smaller interdiff between 
Debian and upstream which is a worthy ambition given the current 
discussion in and around Debian.

What do you think?


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