ffmpeg package on debian-multimedia.org

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Sat Nov 15 19:13:42 UTC 2008

Hi Christian,

as you might or might not have noticed, I've updated the ffmpeg pacakge
in experimental, bumping the epoch to 3:. This means that the ffmpeg
package in experimental (and soon in squeezy when lenny is released) it
will be ranked "higher" in apt than your ffmpeg package.

Before you decide to bump the epoch of the debian-multimedia.org
package, I'd like to ask you to give the debian packaging a shot. Of
course we need to cripple some functionality for debian/main, but that
really wasn't enough for us, the pkg-multimedia maintainers. I've
therefore implemented a mechanism to easily create uncrippled
package. The basic procedure is this:

 - grab the source
 - add a new changelog entry naming the source 'ffmpeg'
   (instead of ffmpeg-debian)
 - run 'make -f debian/rules get-orig-source'
 - run 'make -f debian/rules debian/control'
 - build it.

I expect that it needs some adjustments to build dependencies and other
tweaks. They should be rather easy to implement with the machinery I've
implemented. Just checkout the relevant rules in debian/rules, and edit
the debian/control.ffmpeg file.

I do hope that this work is able to avoid having 2 completely
differently packaged versions of ffmpeg around.  I'm looking forward
hearing from you. If something is missing or you have any question, just
tell me, and I'll definitly consider patches ;)

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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