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Fri Nov 21 19:18:46 UTC 2008

Felipe Sateler <fsateler at> writes:
>> Still having a (common) dedicated multimedia maintainer's team would
>> group a set of people interested in a set of related packages.  I think
>> this is a desirable goal.
> Having a common list is motivating. Activity generates more activity, IME. 
> Collab-maint doesn't create this effect.

Oh, indeed. Having people with whom I could discuss my work on the
ffmpeg packages is indeed motivating. Good point!

>> I think the same could work with the "common" multimedia team as well:
>> debian-multimedia at "General Discussion"
>> pkg-multimedia-maint at "bug flow, etc"
>> However, I wouldn't mind if the pkg-multimedia-maint list would set a
>> Mail-Follow-Up to header to debian-multimedia@ in order to focus
>> discussion.
> Hmm, so what would be the point of pkg-multimedia-maint if mails are answered 
> to debian-multimedia?

to avoid cluttering the archive with upload notifications and
bugmail.  Thinking more about it, that might only be necessary with
larger teams like the debian games team or the KDE team. pkg-multimedia
survived pretty well with one single list for both discussion and
maintainer contact address.
> You might want to look at

I've made these drawings before was founded. After that,
Marting and the other guys over there did come to similar conclusions
but even further reaching conclusions. I at least try to follow their
discussion mailing lists.

>> Moreover various people have explained their details on how to handle
>> patches with a DVCS, and with git in particular. The nice thing about
>> svn here is that you don't have that much choice (because svn does not
>> offer similar features at all) and discussion on that is avoided. So if
>> we want to move to git, we must document very carefully the exact way
>> how to use to tool git.
> Agreed. Uniformity is key for collaboration across packages.

Ok. What mode do you propose?

>> As a side note, I think we have 2 special packages in pkg-multimedia,
>> namely ffmpeg-debian/ffmpeg and vlc. I think we should somehow make it
>> clear that they are special. However that should not be the main concern
>> for the matter of this discussion, I just wanted to point out that they
>> are special maintenance wise.
> Why are they special?

vlc is mainly maintained by xtophe, and previously by sam. Both are vlc
upstream developers. I think that indeed makes vlc special.

ffmpeg-debian is very special because of its, well interesting,
packaging. have a look at the latest commits :)

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