LV2 (before: calf Ubuntu package)

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Wed Apr 1 09:24:46 UTC 2009

Felipe Sateler schrieb:
> It does to me.. although the advice is a bit wrong.*
> should go into libslv2-9; /usr/include, /usr/lib/ symlink
> and /usr/lib/pkgconfig under libslv2-dev. I would put all binaries
> into a slv2 package. Avoiding a jack dependency is not sufficient
> enough reason for a split (most people using LV2 will also be using
> jack already).

Mira, just as Felipe said, please package libslv2-9 and libslv2-dev as 
usual and drop the wrapper packages. If you don't like slv2 as a 
package name for the programs in /usr/bin, you can also use 
libslv2-utils or similar.

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