LV2 (before: calf Ubuntu package)

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Wed Apr 1 09:36:24 UTC 2009

Jaromír Mikeš schrieb:
> So you are suggesting to make just 4 packages?
> libslv2-9:*
> libslv2-dev: /usr/lib/pkgconfig ,  /usr/lib/ symlink
> slv2:   all binaries
> svl2-doc: documentation 

Exactly. Please mind that svl2-doc will be an Arch:all package (and 
don't forget the headers in libslv2-dev).

> What about dependencies between packages?
> slv2-doc don't need.

Maybe a suggests from the devel package (if slv2-doc contains API 
documentation) or a suggests from the slv2 package (if slv2-doc 
contains documentation for the programs in /usr/bin).

> libslv2-dev depend on libslv2-9

Yes, devel packages must have hard-coded dependencies to the 
corresponsing libraries.

> slv2 ? should libsvl2-9  depend on it?

No. Nobody should be forced to install the binaries just because he is 
installing an application that is linked against the library. the 
other way round will be handled automatically if the binaries in slv2 
are linked against the shared libslv2-9 library (what they should do).


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