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Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Thu Apr 2 01:39:54 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I spread files in packages like this:

/usr/lib/ symlink
/usr/share/man/man3/ manual pages

/usr/lib/ symlink

/usr/bin/all binaries

/usr/share/doc/slv2/ documentation

1)I am not sure with symlinks here. Please advise

2) man pages installed from source yielding long list of warnings in lintian -i.
Is allowed to edit original man pages and install them from debian/manpages.3 files then to substitute these from source?
Seems to be easiest solution.

3)svl2 package also should have man pages for files
lv2_jack_host, lv2_list, lv2_inspect, lv2_simple_jack_host 
Here I don't know where to start from.
There is no docs in source. Any advice appreciated here.

4)One error for lintin -i
E: libslv2-9: postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/
I will try to solve it, but advice is more than welcome.

Whole output of lintian -i in attachment.

Thanks for any help, advice, comments.




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W: slv2: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/lv2_inspect
N:   Each binary in /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /bin, /sbin or /usr/games should
N:   have a manual page
N:   Note that though the man program has the capability to check for
N:   several program names in the NAMES section, each of these programs
N:   should have its own manual page (a symbolic link to the appropriate
N:   manual page is sufficient) because other manual page viewers such as
N:   xman or tkman don't support this.
N:   If the man pages are provided by another package on which this package
N:   depends, lintian may not be able to determine that man pages are
N:   available. In this case, after confirming that all binaries do have
N:   man pages after this package and its dependencies are installed,
N:   please add a lintian override.
N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 12.1 for details.
W: slv2: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/lv2_jack_host
W: slv2: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/lv2_list
W: slv2: binary-without-manpage usr/bin/lv2_simple_jack_host
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/slv2_collections.3.gz
N:   Each manual page should start with a `NAME' section, which lists the
N:   name and a brief description of the page seperated by '\-'. These
N:   sections are parsed by `mandb' and stored in a database for the use of
N:   `apropos' and `whatis', so they must be in a certain format. This
N:   manual page apparently uses the wrong format and cannot be parsed by
N:   `mandb'.
N:   For information on how `NAME' sections should be written see
N:   lexgrog(1). See also groff_man(7) and groff_mdoc(7) for general
N:   information on writing manual pages.
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/slv2_data.3.gz
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man3/slv2_data.3.gz 681: warning: `'.' not defined
N:   This man page provokes warnings or errors from man.
N:   "cannot adjust" or "can't break" are trouble with paragraph filling,
N:   usually related to long lines. Adjustment can be helped by left
N:   justifying, breaks can be helped with hyphenation, see "Manipulating
N:   Filling and Adjusting" and "Manipulating Hyphenation" in the manual.
N:   "can't find numbered character" usually means latin1 etc in the input,
N:   and this warning indicates characters will be missing from the output.
N:   You can change to escapes like \[:a] described on the groff_char man
N:   page.
N:   Other warnings are often formatting typos, like missing quotes around
N:   a string argument to .IP. These are likely to result in lost or
N:   malformed output. See the groff_man (or groff_mdoc if using mdoc) man
N:   page for information on macros.
N:   This test uses man's --warnings option to enable groff warnings that
N:   catch common mistakes, such as putting . or ' characters at the start
N:   of a line when they are intended as literal text rather than groff
N:   commands. This can be fixed either by reformatting the paragraph so
N:   that these characters are not at the start of a line, or by adding a
N:   zero-width space (\&) immediately before them.
N:   At worst, warning messages can be disabled with the .warn directive,
N:   see "Debugging" in the groff manual.
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/slv2_library.3.gz
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/slv2_util.3.gz
W: libslv2-9: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/slv2_world.3.gz
E: libslv2-9: postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/
N:   The package installs shared libraries in a directory controlled by the
N:   dynamic library loader. Therefore, the package must call `ldconfig' in
N:   its postinst script.
N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 8.1.1 for details.

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