LV2 (before: calf Ubuntu package)

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Thu Apr 2 06:52:24 UTC 2009

Jaromír Mikeš schrieb:
> 1)I am not sure with symlinks here. Please advise

All should point to the original shared lib:

/usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/
/usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/

But this should be handled by any sane build system anyway.

> 2) man pages installed from source yielding long list of warnings
> in lintian -i. Is allowed to edit original man pages and install
> them from debian/manpages.3 files then to substitute these from
> source? Seems to be easiest solution.

IMHO lintian warnings from manpages are not too critical. If you want 
to fix them, please consider patching the manpages at build time.

> 3)svl2 package also should have man pages for files lv2_jack_host,
> lv2_list, lv2_inspect, lv2_simple_jack_host Here I don't know where
> to start from. There is no docs in source. Any advice appreciated
> here.

If there are no manpages for the executable binaries, well, please 
write some. ;) I have learnt writing manpages by copy-and-paste'ing 
from other manpages.

> 4)One error for lintin -i E: libslv2-9: postinst-must-call-ldconfig
> usr/lib/ I will try to solve it, but advice is more
> than welcome.

WTF? Don't you use debhelper? If yes, you shouldn't really have to 
care about this yourself...


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