RFC: liblo

Felipe Sateler fsateler at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 03:28:16 UTC 2009

Hi team. I have prepared an update for liblo, which recently released a new 
upstream version. Unfortunately, this version brings in an ABI change, so a 
SONAME bump was needed. The package is in the git repo, and would like to ask 
if you can review it. When we are satisfied by it, we can ask debian-release 
when to upload the new package.

I have taken the liberty to rename liblo0-dev to liblo-dev at this point, 
since I don't intend to maintain more than one version of the library. The 
new version /should/ be source-compatible with the older ones, so I made it 
Provide/Conflict/Replace: liblo0-dev.

Felipe Sateler
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