Re: RFS: slv2

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Mon Apr 20 06:19:17 UTC 2009

> Od: Free Ekanayaka <freee at>

>   JM> # > The upload would fix these bugs: 522069
>   JM> # > 
>   JM> # > The package can be found on
>   JM> # > - URL:
>   JM> # > - Source repository: deb-src unstable
> main
>   JM> # > contrib non-free
>   JM> # > - dget
>   JM> # 
>   JM> Hello,
>   JM> package is uploaded back on mentors.debian and is now in much better
> condition.
>   JM> I'd be pleased if someone will check it and sponsor it.

FE> Thanks for all your work. Would you just mind to do another step and
FE> import your source package in our git repository? See


FE> for details.

FE> Note that this is a requirement for us to sponsor your upload. I know
FE> that git might not be easy at first, so if you have questions please
FE> don't hesitate to ask them on this list.

Hi Free and all,

If I understand well I should have alioth account 


and I should introduce myself if I want upload to git for multimedia team.

I am Mira, my main interest is sound and I would like to contribute a bit by uploading and maintaining few packages.
My skills are not perfect, but I will to learn.    



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