Bug#440216: Two issues here, bug needs splitting

Anton Ivanov arivanov at sigsegv.cx
Mon Apr 20 15:52:54 UTC 2009

Issue No 1: ffmpeg has the encoders stripped - this is very clearly
written out in the thread so far. This is the "blocking" bugs.

Issue No 2: VLC 0.8.6-h1 in Lenny cannot be built versus a non-stripped
ffmpeg version anyway because it uses the old API for swscale and the
ffmpeg shipped with debian uses the new one.

So following the instructions in the bug does not get you anywhere,
because vlc will not load the newly built ffmpeg libs as a plugin.

vlc --list clearly shows that ffmpeg is not being loaded. In fact I am
having some trouble understanding how the hell it was built.

aivanov at magrat:~$ vlc --list | grep ff
VLC media player 0.8.6h Janus
  headphone_channel_mixer Headphone virtual spatialization effect
  aiff                  AIFF demuxer

On a system where vlc is compatible and working with ffmpeg it should

aivanov at mare-infinitum:~$ vlc --list | grep ff
VLC media player 0.8.6a Janus
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg audio/video decoder/encoder
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg chroma conversion
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg audio/video encoder
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg demuxer
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg muxer
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg video filter
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg crop padd filter
  ffmpeg                FFmpeg deinterlace video filter
  aiff                  AIFF demuxer
  headphone_channel_mixer Headphone virtual spatialization effect
aivanov at mare-infinitum:~$                                               

So frankly, there is something wrotten in the package in the first
place. In fact it should FTBS.

   Understanding is a three-edged sword:
            your side, their side, and the truth. --Kosh Naranek

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