Bug#440216: Two issues here, bug needs splitting

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Tue Apr 21 10:17:52 UTC 2009

reassign 440216 libavcodec52
reassign 508524 libavcodec52
retitle 440216 missing encoder: mpeg2video
severity 440216 normal
severity 508524 normal
reassign 508524
forcemerge 440216 508524
block 508524 by 522373

Anton Ivanov <arivanov at sigsegv.cx> writes:

> In any case realistically the lenny vlc version cannot have that
> functionality so anyone who needs it should be referred to trying to
> build 0.9x from testing.

I'm doing a bit of bug clean up here. Bug #508524 claims that there was
an mpeg4 encoder in etch. That's impossible, ffmpeg never had an mpeg4
encoder. What is true is that libavcodec can use libx264 for mpeg4
encoding. This encoder is called 'libx264', not 'mpeg4'. We can enable
the 'libx264' codec as soon x264 enters unstable (again), see the
removal bug #423250 and #522373 for progress on that front.

For the mpeg2video, this is in effect blocked by #522373 as well. I
therefore think it makes sense to merge these two bugs.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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