Backporting FFmpeg, Was: Packages Vlc 0.9

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Tue Apr 21 14:42:03 UTC 2009

Anthony DeRobertis <aderobertis at> writes:

> Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> I strongly believe that we can work around that issue by re-introducing
>> the old function calling the new function. [...]
> The bug log for #512946 says this has already been done by upstream,
> uploaded Feb 04 version 3:0.svn20090204-1.

Err, sure. but it requires all applications to be rebuilt that used to
use the internal function ff_gcd. Other applications do use that
internal symbol illegally, so upstream decided to rename it.

Which has consequences for applications using it.

>> [...] But beware,
>> this combination (old packages and newer ffmpeg) has not been tested by
>> anyone.
> This sounds quite solvable. The backporter should certainly test it and,
> if needed, upload to e.g., people.d.o and ask for other testers before
> uploading to bpo.

This would need systematic checking. Unless a crowd of potential users
(and therefore testers) indicate interest, I don't want to go that
way. Especially since the other way I indicated would be much safer,

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