Bug#477806: Any updates on this bug?

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Mon Apr 27 10:52:58 UTC 2009

Rogério Brito schrieb:
> Nice to know that. Oh, just one thing (I have not checked the svn repo
> yet): are you compiling djbfft as a shared object?

I tried out the Gentoo patch which builds the library into a shared 
onject (and it works fine), but I decided against it because (1) the 
djbfft code is not going to change and the API is stable anyway so 
static linking should be just fine and (2) djbfft is chosen for its 
high performance and dynamic linking would be a drawback in this 
regard. So I decided for building static libraries (the "normal" one 
and an additional PIC-flavour), but this is subject to change.

Please check out: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-multimedia/unstable/djbfft

> Well, I'm not sure how the fft libraries perform these days, but I think
> that doing a small benchmark would be useful. Especially for arches that
> are less popular, like ppc.

Yes, sure, why not!

> Sure, lame does not use, but I'm thinking of getting rid of the assembly
> specific parts (as much as I can---see the executable stacks problems that
> we had recently).

This will be highly appreciated among distributors, I believe (given 
that the performance drawbacks aren't too severe).

> BTW, can you check out the lame CVS repo and criticize the Debian
> packaging? I'm willing to make major surgeries there, now that we're in
> plain development cycle of lame 3.99.

I'll see if I can find some spare time this week...

> OK, back to the djbfft, lossywav is only implemented in pascal/delphi and I
> am planning a C port of it, where I would need a FFT library (to avoid
> reinventing the wheel).
> Would you like to join forces and transcribe the code from pascal to C, so
> that we can have lossywav working for a broad range of platforms? I can add
> you to the sf.net project (named lossywav, of course).

Hm, not at the moment, sorry. I am not that much interested in lossywav...


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