Bug#526007: [FFmpeg] libxxx-unstripped should also Provide libxxx

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Thu Apr 30 08:03:26 UTC 2009

Honestly, it is inconvenient to not be able to have libxxx-unstripped 
and libxxx-dev installed at the same time. The workaround, however, is 
quite obvious: Before building remove libxxx-unstripped and install 
libxxx + libxxx-dev instead. After building remove libxxx-dev and 
install libxxx-unstripped. However, this will not be needed in future 
uploads of ffmpeg anymore. (It will never be possible to have libxxx 
and libxxx-unstripped installed at the same time, just to point it out).

Please note that there is no advantage from building packages against 
libxxx-unstripped. The packages are API/ABI-compatible with their 
libxxx counterparts. So it is perfectly allright to build packages 
against libxxx-dev + libxxx and replace libxxx with libxxx-unstripped 
afterwards. You will still be able to use all the codecs from the 
fully functional library package.


Yonas Yanfa schrieb:
> Honestly, I don't understand all this package dependency stuff.....it's
> reminds me of DLL hell. Many people are having problems with this issue
> and it needs to be fixed:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ffmpeg/+bug/312898
> My problem is that "sudo apt-get build-dep vlc" doesn't work:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/356076
> The error message is uninformative. Some people have suggested
> workarounds, but it should "Just Work". If your suggestion would
> accomplish this, I'm all for it.
> This message by bojo42 is relevant:
> "@all: and yes with dpkg -i --force-depends i was also able to build the
> opal/ekiga stuff using the unstripped packages. so we don't really need
> "unstripped dev" packages for using the unstripped libs in packaging.
> but anyway we need a solution for the "dependency hell" right now, as
> you can only build packages by "corrupting" the package system and this
> is not good for PPAs and everything else beside chroot.
> as for the rivalling of *ubuntu-restricted-extras and the dev packages,
> i would argue that even people who do some packaging or compiling should
> be able to do this on the same machine they use for their unfree
> multimedia experience. (meaning without a lot of package installation :)"
> -----
> Thanks,
> Yonas
> Fabian Greffrath wrote:
>> severity 526007 wishlist
>> thanks
>> Yonas Y schrieb:
>>> Severity: serious
>>> Justification: no longer builds from source
>> nonsense!
>>> libxxx-unstripped should also
>>> Provides: libxxx
>>> so it would possible to have libxxx-dev and libxxx-unstripped
>>> installed at the same time.
>> maybe we can make the libxxx-dev packages depend on "libxxx |
>> libxxx-unstripped" instead. So in order to build against the
>> unstripped shared library (whatever that is in aid for) a package
>> would have to build-depend on "libxxx-dev, libxxx-unstripped".
>> However, still not convinced...
>> Cheers,
>> Fabian

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