FFmpeg release branch, was: Bug#540729: ffmpeg: Possible regression - fails to decode AAC

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Mon Aug 10 12:41:39 UTC 2009

Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de> writes:
>> > We have an internal AAC decoder now that is about 3x faster than FAAD.
>> > The only shortcoming is thatt it still lacks SBR support.
>> is that already in the 0.5 branch?
> Yes, since August 2008, it's even in the 0.5 release notes...

right, I just wanted to be sure..

>> If yes, I could clean up the debian patch queue for inclusion in the 0.5
>> release branch (but most likely not before my the end of my honeymoon
>> trip -- I'll be available again mid-to-end of September)
> Oh, it seems that congratulations are in order :)

Thanks! :-)

> While we're talking about your time constraints - have you thought about
> contacting Jörg Jaspert again about the patent issues wrt video
> encoders?  He said he might have some time to look into this in August..

I didn't attend Debconf this year, but asked our DPL to talk to
Joerg.  He now replied me a few days ago with a very vague answer. It
basically reads that there will be some action "soon" - but the result
might not be what we've hoped for.

So we can do nothing but to wait what will be announced. From what I've
heared from your conversation with Ganneff at Linuxtag, I conclude that
this might end up that we need to remove FFmpeg from debian, but let's
see what happens.

In the case that this should really happen, I'd probably focus on the
ffmpeg package in ubuntu, where we the decision a) has already been
done, and b) was much more comfortable for us.

>> Speaking of that, what's the status on the 0.5.1 release? Is there
>> anything we can help you with that?
> I need to find a bit of time to merge a handful of patches.  I only plan
> to backport security-relevant stuff, but I could use help identifying
> security-relevant patches.


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