Bug#540424: [Mlt-devel] SIGV with a DIF (DV) movie file (PAL)

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Wed Aug 12 19:58:24 UTC 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 12:47 PM, Reinhard Tartler<siretart at tauware.de> wrote:
> Dan Dennedy <dan at dennedy.org> writes:
>> On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Reinhard Tartler<siretart at tauware.de> wrote:
>>> Thanks. Is someone able to reproduce this bug with ffplay? I've tried,
>>> but didn't manage to create segfaults out of it.
>> No, it did not segfault for me either, but it did become unresponsive.
> this is normal behavior. ffplay does not quit automatically at end of
> file, but you can exit it with pressing 'q'.

No shit. This is not what I was talking about. I resent the
condescending tone you take with someone who actually writes code
against the ffmpeg libs. Try clicking around on the window. Seeking
into the first 3 playable seconds of this 10 minute clip fails.

>> MLT does not pass data to libavformat other than filename, timestamp,
>> context pointer, and flags. Libavformat is inherently handling the
>> file reading.
> Hm, this answer surprises me. My understanding of ffplay is that it is a
> very thin wrapper around avformat and avcodec.
>>  In any case, while the analysis might be interesting for
>> some, before I put any more of my time into it, because I am quite
>> confident it will result in a patch for libavformat, I must know
>> whether you are more interested in patching FFmpeg v0.5 and thereby
>> maintaining your own branch of FFmpeg or just upgrading the package
>> from upstream sometime in the near future.
> I have no plans to stop tracking the 0.5 release branch, so yes, we'd
> need a patch for the 0.5 release. In fact, the 0.5 release branch *is*
> updated with updates, and there is even a 0.5.1 release in the pipe.

And do you think you are more qualified to maintain FFmpeg than the
FFmpeg project itself?


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