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Thu Aug 13 00:07:45 UTC 2009

El miércoles 12 de agosto, Reinhard Tartler escribió:
> Felipe Sateler <fsateler at> writes:
> > Good to know we officially maintain it :p. So this is basically a more
> > official
> no comment.

That was an honest question. is just an additional 
repository with packages. Does debimedia intend to be just that or something 

> > Hmm, I think there is a big overlap with what agnula/studio64 does. Is
> > the scope of debimedia much narrower than that of Studio64? (Ie, no
> > installation images, etc etc?).
> AFAIUI agnula/studio64 focus on jack and other semi-professional audio
> related packages. debimedia currently has:
>  * ffmpeg-extra
>  * lame
>  * libquicktime-extra
>  * xvidcore
> TBH, I don't see any overlap here. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, Studio64 is basically Debian plus a few extra packages and a different 
kernel. It could have been possible to take advantage of their infrastructure. 
Although if you plan a closer integration with Debian, it makes sense to keep 
it as small as possible.

> > How will we manage bugs to those packages, since they won't have the
> > BTS infrastructure?
> As interim solution, I'd suggest to use either alioth tickets or
> until we find a better solution.

OK. Perhaps it will be possible to convince the bts admins to allow us to use 

Felipe Sateler
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