Bug#540424: [Mlt-devel] Bug#540424: SIGV with a DIF (DV) movie file (PAL)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Thu Aug 13 08:16:55 UTC 2009

Dan Dennedy <dan at dennedy.org> writes:

> I attached a patch rom FFmpeg SVN that fixes this problem for me. The
> commit message is:
> r19192 | bcoudurier | 2009-06-14 15:34:28 -0700 (Sun, 14 Jun 2009) | 1 line
> check if frame size matches old sys and assumes corrupted input, fixes #1192

I've built a test package for this, ffplay indeed continues playing now.

However, I still see artifacts and the clip is about 10 secs. How long
is the clip supposed to be actually?

If I don't hear otherwise, I'll close this bug with the next upload,
which will contain this patch. Kudos to Dan for identifying it!

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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