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 because I dreamt that Cuckoo [a brother] had swallowed a bead into his
nose." The mere errors of children are unforeseen as nothing is--no,
nothing feminine--in this adult world. "I've got a lotter than you," is
the word of a very young egotist. An older child says, "I'd better go,
bettern't I, mother?" He calls a little space at the back of a London
house, "the backy-garden." A little creature proffers almost daily the
reminder at luncheon--at tart-time: "Father, I hope you will remember
that I am the favourite of the crust." Moreover, if an author set
himself to invent the naif things that children might do in their
Christmas plays at home, he would hardly light upon the device of the
little _troupe_ who, having no footlights, arranged upon the floor a
long row of--candle-shades! "It's _jolly_ dull without you, mother,"
says a little girl who--gentlest of the gentle--has a dramatic sense of
slang, of which she makes no secret. But she drops her voice somewhat to
disguise her feats of metathesis, about which she has doubts and which
are involuntary: the "stand-wash," the "sweeping-crosser," the "sewing
chamine." Genoese peasants have the same prank when they try to speak
Italian. Children forget last year so well that if they are Londoners
they should by any means have an impression of the country or the sea
annually. A London little girl watches a fly upon the wing, follows it
with her pointing finger, and names it "bird." Her brother, who wants to
play with a bronze Japanese lobster, ask "Will you please let me have
that tiger?" At times children give to a word that slight variety which
is the most touching kind of newness. Thus, a child of three asks you to
save him. How moving a word, and how freshly said! He had heard of the
"saving" of other th
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