audacity and ffmpeg 0.5

Benjamin Drung bdrung at
Thu Aug 20 22:32:21 UTC 2009


I worked on getting audacity 1.3.8 into Debian/Ubuntu. There is one
blocking issue: audacity does not support the version of ffmpeg wich is
in Debian/Ubuntu. I tried to make it compatible, but I failed.

ffmpeg 0.5 does not have the function av_fifo_alloc and av_free_packet.

Fixing av_free_packet is easy. In ffmpeg 0.5 it is a inline function, in
trunk it is a real function.

For av_fifo_alloc I wrote a wrapper, but exporting files produces a
segmentation fault. The patch is attached (works with audacity trunk,
too). I don't know, if my av_fifo_alloc wrapper is the fault or some
other changes made in ffmpeg trunk.

Feel free to enlighten me.

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