Re: Changes to the 'rumor' package

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Mon Aug 24 16:42:04 UTC 2009

> Od: Ryan Kavanagh <ryanakca at>

JM> > You are right ... I have MIDI keyboard ;)
JM> > Should I test rumor package?
RK> Yes please, and could you also test it alongside with frescobaldi (which
RK> suggests rumor).


I tried rumor here on 64bit system... package build well here.
"$ rumor" giving error message:

ALSA port connection error; do it manually using `aconnect'

But you can than normally connect your keyboard to rumor client in Jack GUI ... connect -> ALSA

Than rumor reads midi input from keyboard and print it to standard output.
Looks like this:

d,8. c16 ~ c b ~ b d ~ d c ~ c b ~ b r r8 |
a g f16 r a g ~ g f r8 r4 |
r16 c'' ~ c b ~ b a ~ a r r8 <g a> ~ <g a> f16 e ~|
e r g8 f16 e ~ e r g8 f16 e r8 a |
g16 f ~ f r r4 r2 |
r8 <g, b c> ~ <g b c>16 r b <g c> ~ <g c> r <g b c>8 ~ <g b c>8. r16 |
r4 r16 <c, e f> ~ <c e f>8 ~ <c e f>16 r r8 r4 |

I didn't  tried it with frescobaldi coz it's dependencies asking a lot of KDE packages and I am using Gnome.
I tried use it with Lilypond but didn't found how get them work together.
Has rumor some print to file option?

Anyway everything seems work as expected if I can say. ( I am not using notation software) 
Let me know if you need some more tests.



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