Debimedia archive, was: FFmpeg release branch

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Tue Aug 25 07:51:48 UTC 2009

Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
> debimedia. We are still missing some packages that we consider important
> before announcing debimedia to the public. At least I miss transcode and
> dvdrip, but if someone disagrees, I wouldn't veto the announcement
> either.

I have taken some time yesterday to check-in the current 
ubuntu/multiverse packages of transcode and dvdrip into our GIT 

The packages are in a... well... "interesting" state.

I have already done some cosmetic cleanups, but there is still plenty 
left to do, e.g.:

- The copyright files are mostly useless crap.
- The Build-Depends and Depends have to be sorted out, especially the 
Depends/Recommends/Suggests mess of dvdrip!
- The confflags have to be sorted out (e.g. transcode: --enable-ffbin? 
- Is transcode really a frontend to the ffmpeg frontend or is it 
possible to directly link it against the ffmpeg libs?
- The debian/rules files are full of ugly hacks. I'd like to convert 
them to the new debhelper format in the short term.
- The packages build but are far(!) from lintian-clean.
- etc... please get a picture of it yourself...

I'd appreciate very much if someone who is more interested in these 
packages than I am could have a closer look at them.

@Reinhard, maybe "your friend" could help out here? ;)


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