[SCM] FFmpeg packaging branch, master, updated. debian/0.5+svn20090706-1-3-g449d1e2

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Wed Aug 26 09:04:08 UTC 2009

In consideration of the master.extra branch and the ffmpeg-extra 
packages, should we still leave all the cond_enable calls in 
debian/confflags around in the master branch? I think they make the 
whole file a lot more confusing than it already is.

Could we maybe decide upon the following schema?
master branch (Debian/main packages): disabled encoders (may be 
commented out for private rebuilds), but no preparations for 
additional codecs not present in Debian
master.extra branch (debimedia packages): no disabled encoders, 
hard-coded support for additional codecs present in debimedia

Should we really offer support for building against non-free and 
unredistributable codecs at all?!

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