Bug#528365: vlc: working

Dmitry Semyonov linulin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 22:30:01 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 11:36, Reinhard Tartler <siretart at tauware.de> wrote:
> Fabian Greffrath <greffrath at leat.rub.de> writes:
>> Would you please try again with the packages from Debian?
> From my recent observations the following steps should be sufficient to
> unbreak a debian system:
>  - remove all references to debian-multimedia.org from
>   /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list
>  - apt-get install libavutil49 libavutil50-

FYI, I had the same problem. After I removed all debian-multimedia
packages, (using aptitude UI's "Obsolete and Locally Created Packages"
instead of the last step), vlc started working properly with
xserver-xorg-video-nouveau + two monitors configured via xrandr.


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