gmusicbrowser, sponsoring request

Antonio Radici antonio at
Sat Feb 7 10:56:09 UTC 2009

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> okay, I've now found out how to add people to the team without having
> them to apply in advance. Welcome to the team

Thanks :-)

> I've imported your package and done some tweaks on it. Please review my
> changes and I'll upload the package then this afternoon.

Checked, everything seems fine

>> I have no problem in working on other pkg-multimedia packages, just let
>> me know how and where I can contribute :-)
> subscribe to pkg-multimedia-maintainers and
> pkg-multimedia-commits. Triage and fix bugs in the repo. Update the wiki
> pages, nag DDs to finally upload stuff :-)

I'm already in the pkg-multimedia-maintainers list, I'll subscribe the other
list as well.

Thanks again for your help


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