[SCM] x264 packaging branch, karmic, created. 0c2781c658077d7a0d96e38d9f8735ed363443f7

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Mon Jun 15 10:08:08 UTC 2009

I have just added myself to the Uploaders field, nothing more. I think 
the package is alright, it has proven to be for a long time in multiverse.

Has someone ever tried to make the patch applied upstream? It 
shouldn't be a secret that Linux distributions prefer dynamically 
linked frontends.

BTW, how do we "release" new x264 packages. IMHO this project shares 
the same problem as ffmpeg: They do not release. This means that 
whenever we package a new SVN/GIT-snapshot, our choice of date will be 
absolutely arbitrary - or is there anything like recommended snapshots 
or reached milestones of similar?


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