Debian Multimedia Team and Ubuntu

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Mon Mar 9 16:37:22 UTC 2009

Grammostola Rosea <rosea.grammostola at> writes:

> I think building packages for Debian could also improve Debian 
> derivatives, like Ubuntu, for multimedia  production. And Ubuntu users 
> could contribute to the Debian multimedia team by maintaining packages. 
> It would be nice if Debian and Ubuntu users could have some kind of 
> working together to improve Debian and Ubuntu for multimedia production.

Yes, Good idea! That's what I've intended when I've created the
MOTUMedia team. Unfortunately, the only active people were slomo,
crimsun and myself. :-(

> Ubuntu users could contribute to the Debian Multimedia Team to maintain 
> packages, but they also want to be sure that their packages they make 
> for Debian will hit Ubuntu of course.

We already have too many packages for too little manpower. So any help
is more than welcome!

> So I was wondering:
> 1) how can I maintain a multimedia package for Debian and be sure that 
> it hits Ubuntu (Studio) too?

I'd say get that package imported in a git branch on Distributed development is ideal for this usecase.

> 2) how can I make a Ubuntu package from an Debian package?
> 3) how can I make an Debian package from an Ubuntu package?

Ubuntu and Debian packages share the same format. Ideally there are no
differences between the debian and the ubuntu package.

For packages that need to have some difference, I'd suggest to maintain
the ubuntu package in a git branch. That way merging back and forth
remains easy.

> 4) how could we improve this 'working together'?

Subscribe to this mailing list, send patches to existing packages, get
the packages accepted, make sure that packages from debian are kept
up-to-date in ubuntu.

I already do that for the ubuntu ffmpeg and mplayer packages, and I
start to feel a bit lonley :-)

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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