Debian Multimedia Team and Ubuntu

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Tue Mar 17 16:13:23 UTC 2009


|--==> On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 18:25:11 +0100, Fabian Greffrath <greffrath at> said:

  FG> hi,
  FG> Grammostola Rosea schrieb:
  >>1) how can I maintain a multimedia package for Debian and be sure that 
  >>it hits Ubuntu (Studio) too?

  FG> A rule of thumb says, if the software is in Debian, it will land in 
  FG> Ubuntu Universe sooner or later.

Exactly, and the event is pretty predictable. Ubuntu regularly syncs
its development repository with Debian sid after every release (that
means every six months), and keeps syncing till a freeze stage.

You can find the actual schedules on the Ubuntu wiki.

This means that if Debian is good in health multimedia-wise, so will
be Ubuntu (at least to some extent), but unfortunately the other
direction is not that straight.

  >>2) how can I make a Ubuntu package from an Debian package?
  >>3) how can I make an Debian package from an Ubuntu package?

  FG> In most cases it is sufficient to rebuild the package sources on the 
  FG> corresponding system. Normally (i.e. if Ubuntu does not decide to 
  FG> become imcompatible to Debian by e.g. upgrading libc6 on their own) a 
  FG> single package shoulb be installable on either sydstem even without a 
  FG> rebuilt.

Most of audio/multimedia packages currently reside in Ubuntu's
universe, and in many cases they don't get rebuilt at all.

  >>4) how could we improve this 'working together'?

  FG> Join the groups, maintain packages, communicate. ;)




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