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Thu May 14 09:03:20 UTC 2009

Andres Mejia <mcitadel at> writes:

> I found that the .svnversion file should be named SVN-r<revision>. This leads to 
> FFMPEG_VERSION to be set as '18630-4:0.5+svn20090420-3', not 'SVN-
> r18630-4:0.5+svn20090420-3' as upstream intended
> Another thing is that it's possible for the resulting FFMPEG_VERSION to be 
> defined as SVN-r$revision, git-$revision, or UNKNOWN. What do you think of 
> setting the $revision part as 'deb' so the resulting FFMPEG_VERSION would be 
> defined as 'deb-4:0.5+svn20090420-3'?
> Also, is it necessary to have .svnversion reside in the source tarball? That 
> seems like something that should be kept inside of the debian dir.

the .svnversion file is generated by debian/ The
packaging uses then this file so that ffmpeg can identify itself
correctly. upstream does not have this problem as they built always from
an svn or git checkout. In debian we don't want to do neither, we have
our own packaging git branches. In order to correctly identify the svn
version that was used to create the source tarball, I think the best
option is to put them in the orig.tar.gz.

What problem do you want to solve? If you just want to change the
presentation of the version string, then I'd rather fixup
than messing with debian/ Which does not mean that
this script couldn't be improved, its just that I don't think that the
presentation problem is worth changing it.

as for your suggested version string presentation, I really think that
we should include an easy way for upstream to identify the *svn*
revision (and the svn branch if not using trunk) that is being used in a
bug report. svn, because that is the revision control system used by
*ALL* ffmpeg developers. git is used by some developers in
addition. nearly none of them use the debian packaging.

With these rationale, I don't think that any information from the
current version string should be dropped. If you want to improve the
presentation itself, what would you suggest?

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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