Bug#528851: [jackd] Init script shouldn't "fail" if jackd not configured to start

Erich Schubert erich at debian.org
Mon May 18 13:53:49 UTC 2009

Hello Adrian,
> Find attached a patch proposal. Does it fix your issue?

I don't have jackd installed anymore. It was only pulled in by potamus,
which I've uninstalled now (potamus also doesn't need jackd according to
it's description: "it can use OSS or ALSA (via libao) for direct output,
or can work with JACK", so I've also filed
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=528850 requesting that
dependency to be loosened to a Suggests)

I was just rebooting a few times the last days because the intel drivers
are really unstable since the introduction of KVM and GEM, and was
irritated by the red "failed" messages during bootup or shutdown.


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