Bug#549121: libslv2-9: abusive Recommends

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Thu Oct 1 06:54:54 UTC 2009

Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes at seznam.cz> writes:

>> Od: Julien Cristau <jcristau at debian.org>
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Package: libslv2-9
>> Version: 0.6.6-2
>> Severity: important
>> new gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad adds an LV2 plugin, and thus depends on
>> libslv2-9.  Because that package recommends slv2-jack, this upgrade
>> results in:
>> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>>   jackd jackd-firewire libffado1 libfreebob0 libslv2-9 libxml++2.6-2
>>   qjackctl slv2-jack
>> Please drop that recommends, it's absolutely not reasonable for a shared
>> library package.
>> Thanks,
>> Julien
> Hi,
> I am going remove "Recommends" field for libslv2-9.
> Should be slv2-jack moved to "Suggests" or just removed?

Suggests would be fine.

> What about libslv2-dev package and "Recommends: slv2-doc"?

While that sounds reasonable, I think it is worth to ask that for the
general case on debian-devel at l.d.o. The general problem can be

  Should a development package libfoo-dev recommend the installation of
  its accompanying documentation package foo-doc?

If yes I'd suggest to add a check for this to lintian.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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