Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Thu Oct 15 19:28:03 UTC 2009

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Both approaches should be rather straight forward to do, although for
> b., we should probably edit the .pc files to add appropriate -rpath
> linker flags.
> (I guess this is the lool's is essentially proposing b., right?)


> I wonder if approach b. would break the ld-linux.so's hwcaps mechanism.

 Hmm good point; need to check it out.  RPATH takes priority over
 LD_LIBRARY_PATH IIRC but I dont remember how it playes with search

 Perhaps we should just go for a) and have a ffmpeg in experimental for
 Debian next.  Not too handy for Ubuntu though, but we could have a PPA

>                                                                 Still,
> how often do we want to update such a snapshot package?  and who is
> volunteering to keep it up to date?

 I think how often as we like / see fit.  Sometimes gcc-snapshot doesn't
 get updated for a while, but when testing of an upstream fix is
 desired, a new one is just pushed for testing.

Loïc Minier

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