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David Henningsson launchpad.web at
Sun Oct 18 23:04:08 UTC 2009


My name is David Henningsson and have been thinking of joining the 
Debian multimedia team for some time. I'm currently involved with these 

* FluidSynth - I'm the current maintainer, and involved in development 
upstream. A new version is underway and when it is released I think the 
packaging could be somewhat improved and it would be nice to get some 
feedback on that work (and someone to sponsor it ;-) ).

* Audacity - I've done some stability patches lately, and Benjamin Drung 
has offered me to become co-maintainer for Audacity.

* QARecord - a simple but solid recording program that has been in 
Ubuntu for some time, and it would be nice if it could benefit the 
Debian community as well. I'm involved upstream and I also improved the 
packaging to use CDBS and Quilt.

// David

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