Bug#528365: vlc: Suashed and greyscale picture with x11 video output

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Tue Oct 20 18:57:39 UTC 2009

Le Tue 20 Oct 09 à 20:54 +0200, Pascal Obry a écrit :
> So 0.8.6 uses libwxwidget (for display purpose I suppose) and it is  
> working fine.
> 1.0.x does not use libwxwidget (don't know what has replaced it) and it  
> is not working fine.
> This makes sense as I'm experiencing display bug and we are talking  
> about a GUI library.

The GUI has nothing to do with displaying the video. You can try 'vlc -I
dummy some_video.avi' if you want to double check.

wxWidget has been replaced by Qt4 in vlc 0.9.0


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