Bug#523845: Not mplayer-specific, also present in Xine

Ulrich Eckhardt doomster at knuut.de
Sun Oct 25 21:19:19 UTC 2009

Up front, the mentioned file has changed location, it is now available at 

Anyway, I tried to play back the file using xine, which greeted me with
the message:

  The audio device in unavailable. Please verify if
  another program already uses it.

The following is from running 'xine --verbose RDTV_ep1_5mins.ogg':

audio_alsa_out : supported modes are 8bit 16bit 24bit 32bit mono stereo
  (4-channel not enabled in xine config) (4.1-channel not enabled in
  xine config) (5-channel not enabled in xine config) (5.1-channel not
  enabled in xine config) (a/52 and DTS pass-through not enabled in
  xine config)
        mrl: 'RDTV_ep1_5mins.ogg',
        sub 'NONE',
        start_pos 0, start_time 0, av_offset 0, spu_offset 0.
ebml: invalid master element
xine: found demuxer plugin: OGG demux plugin
audio_alsa_out: snd_pcm_open() of plug:surround51:0 failed: Invalid argument
audio_alsa_out: >>> check if another program already uses PCM <<<

It seems as if xine was trying to open a 5.1 surround output which fails due
to the lack of a 5.1-capable system. What I'm wondering is where the common
part in that is, are xine and mplayer both using the same code or is it some
fault in the file perhaps.



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