Bug#550679: libmp4ff-dev: standard inclusion of mp4ff.h fails

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Mon Oct 26 09:26:55 UTC 2009

Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
> I propose the following patch:

Perfect, that's exactly what I was about to do today anyway. ;)

Just a few thoughts:
- Should we install the static libmp4ff.a and its headers in the 
libfaad2-dev package, as we did up to 2.6.1-3.1?
- Should we mention the removal of the libmp4ff* packages in 
- Should we keep the previous upload of revision -3 as UNRELEASED in 
debian/changelog and upload the next package as -4?
- Would you mind fixing the three lintian warnings [1] by the way or 
would you prefer me to do it?


W: faad2 source: debhelper-overrides-need-versioned-build-depends (>= 
W: faad2 source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.8.1 (current is 3.8.3)
W: faad2 source: patch-system-but-no-source-readme

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