ffado git repository

Felipe Sateler fsateler at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 21:28:25 UTC 2009

I can't seem to update the repo. Is anyone else having this problem?

% git pull origin 
From ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-multimedia/ffado
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc1+svn1539-1 -> debian/2.0~rc1
+svn1539-1  (unable to update local ref)
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-1 -> debian/2.0~rc2
+svn1569-1  (unable to update local ref)
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-2 -> debian/2.0~rc2
+svn1569-2  (unable to update local ref)

Apparently git doesn't like tags with ~ in them.

Felipe Sateler
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