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Thu Sep 10 20:45:40 UTC 2009


|--==> On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 13:34:09 -0400, Felipe Sateler <fsateler at> said:

  FS> On Thursday 27 August 2009 05:22:50 Arnout Engelen wrote:
  >>I noticed is
  >>Is this page actually used? If not, perhaps we should just drop it?
  >>If it is useful, it should be updated. It sais it used to be generated by a
  >>script by Tim Hall. Does anyone have access to that script? I tried mailing
  >>Tim at tim_flatus at glastonburymusic, but that address bounced.

  FS> I think that page has not been updated in a while. Also, Tim has a tim at 
  FS> studio64 e-mail address.

I don't think Tim is maintaining that page anymore. I've deleted it for
now. The "Bugs" column in this page:

should be enough to get an idea of the health of our packages, and
perspective packages shall have an RFP or ITP against wnpp.



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