Bug#520395: Audacity sometimes suddenly hangs when playing a file

Benoît Delcour benoit.delcour at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 15:29:44 UTC 2009

Just gave it a try.
Still the same hangups for me.

Note that audacity CPU usage drops to a "idle" level,
while Xorg stays quite high (~50% on my athlon XP 2000+)
Xorg CPU level drops to 3-5% when I press STOP.

Also of interest: I'm using a SB Live (hw1:0) with my audio system;
I also have an integrated soundcard (hw0:0), with same behavior.
HOWEVER, when selecting "default" rather than (hw0:0) as the playback
device, I don't have any trouble.

Sorry for lack of config info, I do not have internet access at home.
(Debian Sid)
I will check this report regularly.

>Can you try to reproduce it with version 1.3.9-1?



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