Re: lv2dynparam1

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Fri Sep 11 19:02:59 UTC 2009

> Od: Felipe Sateler <fsateler at>

 JM > I am just preparing package of library lv2dynparam1. (library needed
 JM > for building zynjacku)
 JM >
 JM > My problem is that source actually building two libraries:
 JM > liblv2dynparamhost1-1
 JM > liblv2dynparamplugin1-0
 JM > If I make just two packages liblv2dynparam1 and liblv2dynparam1-dev
 JM > then I have this warning from lintian:
 JM > W: liblv2dynparam1: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames
 JM >liblv2dynparamhost1-1 liblv2dynparamplugin1-0
 JM > What is the solution?
 JM > Make four packages?
 JM > Something like:
 JM > liblv2dynparamhost1-1
 JM > liblv2dynparamhost1-dev
 JM > liblv2dynparamplugin1-0
 JM > liblv2dynparamplugin1-dev
 JM > Or make three?
 JM > liblv2dynparamhost1-1
 JM > liblv2dynparamplugin1-0
 JM > liblv2dynparam1-dev
 JM > How to solve dependencies in right way then?
 JM > I think liblv2dynparamhost1-1 and liblv2dynparamplugin1-0 should be
 JM >always installed both or none.
 FS> Unless the host and plugin libraries are guaranteed to change ABI
 FS> simoultaneously, you cannot put them in the same package.
 FS> How do applications use these libraries?
 JM > lv2dynparam is a LV2 plugin interface extension that enables plugin
 JM > parameters to appear and disappear... (copy/paste from README file)
 JM > complete README file is in attachment ...
JM > As far as I know zynjacku is only application which is using these
JM > libraries.
JM > As regards packaging I was also thinking about  metapackage lv2dynparam1
JM > which will install two packages:
JM > liblv2dynparamhost1-1
JM > liblv2dynparamplugin1-0
FS > I think it is better to just provide 2 separate source packages. As far
FS > as I can see, the libraries are just regular libraries, so the
FS > applications linking to them will pull them via the shlibs system. I
FS > think a metapackage is not needed (libraries are not supposed to be
FS > installed directly by users).
JM > 2 separate packages .... ok
JM > And what about -dev packages should be also 2 or just one for both libraries.

JM > If there should be 2 -dev packages how should I divide headers file between
JM > them.
JM > There are 5 headers files:
JM > audiolock.h
JM > host.h
JM > lv2dynparam.h
JM > lv2_rtmempool.h
JM > plugin.h
JM > Destination for some of them is clear:
JM > host.h -> liblv2dynparamhost1-dev
JM > plugin.h ->  liblv2dynparamplugin1-dev
JM > I am not sure about others ... should be included in both -dev packages?
JM > All headers files are in attachment if needed.

FS > It depends. I would suggest just one, since it is a small package, and
FS > so far the only user uses both libraries. I would put them all in one
FS > until it is necessary to break them.
Thanks a lot now it's starting to be clear for me.



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