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(new) jackd-firewire_0.116.2+svn3592-3_amd64.deb optional sound
JACK Audio Connection Kit (FFADO and FreeBoB backends)
 Low-latency sound server. JACK allows the connection of multiple applications
 to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between
 See <http://jackaudio.org/> for more info.
 This package contains the IEEE1394 (FireWire) backends FFADO and FreeBoB.
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Changes: jack-audio-connection-kit (0.116.2+svn3592-3) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Adrian Knoth ]
  * Include Russian translation (Closes: #539460)
  * Include Czech translation (Closes: #538955)
  * Include Italian translation (Closes: #543514)
  * Actively remove /etc/init.d/jackd (Closes: #538963)
  * Explain new realtime default in the NEWS file (Closes: #539581)
  * Move FreeBoB and FFADO drivers to new package jackd-firewire, so users
    without 1394 devices have fewer dependencies. (Closes: #540891)
  * Fix FTBFS caused by double-installing the manpages (Closes: #543077)
  * Fix 24bit little endian problem on BE CPUs (Closes: #486308)

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libjack0_0.116.2+svn3592-3_amd64.deb - optional libs

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