Re: RFS: liblo

Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Tue Sep 15 13:45:53 UTC 2009

> Od:  <adi at>

JM> > I am consider prepare pyliblo 0.8.0 package where liblo => 2.4 is
JM> > needed.  pyliblo is run-time dependency for lv2fil (lv2 EQ)

AK> That's not completely exact, see


AK> Though this is only valid for the git version of lv2fil. However, the
AK> git version gives a bad user experience:

Hmmm ...
I was using normal released version (no git version) v lv2rack (part of zynjacku) and I got this error message:

File "/usr/local/lib/lv2/filter.lv2/ui", line 26, in <module>  import liblo
ImportError: No module named liblo

Googling got me here:

after instaling pyliblo 0.7.2 I get it work, but plugin appears really slowly (5s).
I hope newer liblo and pyliblo will solve this



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