Bug#546932: libffado: diff.gz includes upstream code

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Fri Sep 18 08:10:51 UTC 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:39:52AM -0400, Michael Terry wrote:

> In the course of a main-inclusion-request in Ubuntu, Loïc Minier
> noticed that the current .diff.gz (2.0~rc2+svn1569-2) includes a new
> upstream version.  That is, in the move from 1.999.41 to 1.999.43, the
> 1.999.43 changes became part of the diff.gz, instead of the
> orig.tar.gz.

> Is this intentional?  Makes the diff.gz harder to read.

No, this is not intentional, must be accidently slipped in while
preparing the upload. Everything in our git repository is fine.

This gives you a clean starting point:

git clone git://git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia/ffado.git
cd ffado
git checkout origin/upstream
git checkout -b upstream
git checkout master
git-buildpackage -d -S

Freee: We probably should upload a new package and close this bug before
it propagates to Ubuntu & Co...


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