Please remove the debian/ directory from the source tarballs

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Tue Sep 29 07:30:50 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am one of the Debian maintainers for the libquicktime package.

As you might know, all your upstream libquicktime source tarballs 
still contain a completely outdated debian/ directory dating back to 
2005 (judging from the debian/changelog file). However, in Debian we 
are following a completely different packaging approach and since it 
is usual for Debian packages to keep the upstream source and the 
Debian packaging information separate, we have no other choice than 
remove your upstream debian/ directory and repack the tarball for each 
and every new libquicktime release. You can imagine that's not what we 
understand of fun. ;)

Since the debian/ directory in the upstream source tarball does not 
seem to be useful for anyone (I doubt it still compiles at all) and 
since we in Debian (and ubuntu, BTW) maintain our own packaging 
information in a separate debian/ tree anyway, I believe it would be 
best for us all to simply drop the debian/ directory from the upstream 
libquicktime source tarballs. This would really make our lives as 
distributors easier.

Thanks a lot,
(on behalf of Debian multimedia packages maintainers 
<pkg-multimedia-maintainers at>, CC:ed)

PS: You also include the autogenerated file 
include/quicktime/lqt_version.h in the source tarballs. Please remove 
it as well, it will be regenerated from anyway.

Dipl.-Phys. Fabian Greffrath

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