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On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 09:26:49AM -0700, info at bandshed.net wrote:


Don't know if you're subscribed to the list, if not, you've missed
Rainer's reply regarding the Bombono-DVD.

> Also I'm sure JACK2 has been mentioned before. In order to distribute AV
> Linux with JACK2 I have to overwrite your JACK packages with JACK2 source
> to the same prefix which works well until you guys release an update which
> breaks JACK2.

Shouldn't it be sufficient to put the package on hold, so no updates for
jackd would be installed? See


(7.12 How do I put a package on hold?)

There's also an inofficial jackd2 package by nedko. You could re-package
it for AV-Linux and provide your own repository. This can then be added
to AV-Linux's sources.list.

> An official Debian JACK2 would remedy this. However I don't
> know what this entails on your end!

We've been talking about this. Looks like we're going to provide jack2
in experimental, and once we know it works, the current jackd package
will eventuelly contain jack2.

In the meantime: As soon as it hits experimental, you could simply add
the experimental repos to sources.list and install jackd from
experimental. Those packages don't get updated by apt-get, so you'd end
up with a jackd2 package in your system. Pretty similar to "hold", but
still being able to update via "apt-get install jackd/experimental".


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